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Seeker in life and in art

Payerbach 2017

I usually don’t paint what can be seen with your eyes in this physical world. With my art I rather like to encourage you to look inside yourself and to get aware of the secret that lies within. Of course I didn’t wake up one day and felt like I wanted to become a painter. It has been a long path actually I had to walk down in order to be able to create pieces which I am now ready to share with you. This path not only included profound teachings in various panting techniques but also meeting lots of very inspiring people, years of mind-opening discussions as well as reading a great variety of consciousness expanding books. I am so grateful. A big hug for everyone who crossed my way.
You can reach my via klauskerstenart@gmail.com

Recent highlights

2018: Art Retreat in Torri Superiore (italy) with Amanda, Kuba and Vera

2018: Exhibition at Tamanga, Gamlitz, Southern Austria

2017: „Painting with Light“ master class with Amanda Sage at COSM, New York

2017: “Old Masters – New Visions” Mischtechnik class with Prof. Philip Rubinov Jacobson at the Kunst-Werkschule in Payerbach, Austria, once established by Prof. Ernst Fuchs

2017: Meeting and receiving some insights from visionary artist Peter Gric:

2017: Spring trimester with Li Lian Kolster and Daniel Mirante at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art:

2016: Painted the wall in my studio. Feels good 🙂

2016: Intensive with Alex Grey and Alison Grey at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art

2015: Mischtechnik Intensive with Amanda Sage at the Villa/Museum of Prof. Ernst Fuchs in Vienna, painting with wonderful people and inspiring artists like Kevin Campeau, Olga Klimova, Bela Zsolt and many others.

2014: Meeting with outstanding painter De Es Schwertberger in his atelier:

2014: Painting intensive with Amanda Sage at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art: